Orlando Flooring Contractor – Creativa Construction

creativa construction

Orlando Flooring Experts: Creative Construction

Creativa Construction in Orlando is one of Central Florida’s leading experts in residential and commercial flooring as well as kitchen and bathroom remodeling. Creativa Construction has worked on projects for Hilton Hotels Ruby Lakes, the UCF Arena, Soho Coffee Shop in Orlando and many others.

Creativa Construction’s industry experience and unparalleled customer service has aided them in their pursuit of becoming Central Florida’s premier flooring contractor company. Creativa Construction will exceed your expectations. The professional crew at Creativa Construction also speaks both Portuguese and Spanish and are experts in the areas of ceramic tile, vinyl, carpet, hard wood, laminate, stone, and wall tile. Owner Lucas Vasconcelos and his professional crew offer free consultations and will work to ensure you are completely satisfied with your flooring choices.


For more information on flooring or remodeling, or to schedule a free consultation, visit www.creativaconstruction.com or email Lucas at lucas@creativaconstruction.com.

Creativa Construction
Narcoosee Rd
Orlando, Florida 32832
(407) 467-1648

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Career Planning in Central Florida

career choice

Career planning in Central Florida

Sometimes, careers fall in your lap. You take a job, do well, you’re promoted, and before you realize it, you’ve been working in the field for twenty years. You may not have had any fondness for the field when you started, but were just happy to get work. Nonetheless, you might have done well in the field simply because you have all the abilities and personality characteristics that tend to produce good work. You may have even taken classes in the field to keep your job. On the up side, through those classes, you gained the knowledge to assume greater responsibilities and get promotions. This is how a career may have just ‘settled’ on you. In the middle of your career, when you begin to ask if you’re really happy in your work, you may well just shrug your shoulders and tell yourself it doesn’t matter now, it’s just too late to change. Some of us never do career planning. To some of us, careers just come.

Others, starting young, although age is not a determinate, intentionally choose the work we’ll be doing for the rest of our life, and engage in career planning to map our way to our highest hopes, potential and ambitions. Our selection of the field we’ll work in will first be motivated by the work we enjoy, the work that would allow us to realize our potential. We may choose the field because the abilities and personality characteristics of a worker in that field matches ours, and, through that field we are able to do what we do best. Socrates, the ancient Greek philosopher, said a person should do what they do best, for then what they do will be done well and the good work will be rewarded as we expect. Whatever field you choose, choose one for which you have some love.

Once you’ve chosen your field, research your prospects thoroughly. Learn what jobs are available in the field and what skills, training, and education are required for each. Which jobs lead to higher jobs, jobs with more pay and responsibility? When career planning, you should try to get some direct observation of the work and the workers in your chosen field. Ask the workers how long they’ve been doing it and ask yourself if you’d truly be happy that far down the road. Know what you’re getting into before you begin your career planning.

Career planning is planning for your success, but what you consider success is not necessarily reaching the top position in the field. Vice President of Information Technology may be the top position in the Information Technology field, but if you’re a programmer who loves programming, you’re not going to be very happy dealing with the administrative matters all V.P.s must tolerate. Perhaps shooting for Chief Software Engineer will be your greatest possible fulfillment as a programmer and you’re happy to go with that career for the rest of your life.

Career planning is not fantasizing, but serious business. Your career planning will result in what you may be doing for the rest of your life.

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Legitimate Ways to Work Online and Make Money from Home

work from home

 Are you one of the many Americans that are currently unemployed?  With so many people seeking employment in Central Florida, perhaps you should consider a career online. 

Many people in Central Florida make money online through web stores, or eBay.  These are great sources of supplemental income but, in most cases, will not supply you with the regular and dependable income that you need.  However, there are many businesses and companies that allow employees to work online and make money from home.  Telecommuting is huge these days; the trick is finding a good fit for you.

You first want to take an inventory of your skills.  Those that work from home typically have great computer skills such as programming or code translation.  These types of jobs are easily done via the Internet because everything is web-based. If you don’t have these skills, there are numerous opportunities to take classes or obtain training through the many colleges and Universities in Central Florida that offer online education.  However,

Perhaps you don’t have many advanced computer skills and simply don’t have the time or money to spend on continuing education or further training, there are many other options for you.  Fortunately, there are other computer-related jobs that can be picked up with just minimal training such as: data entry, medical billing, medical transcription, and bookkeeping.  There are many opportunities for jobs such as these and most do not require experience. 
Teaching is another way to work online and make money. In addition to hundreds of degree programs online, many colleges and universities in Central Florida now offer non-credit classes on the Internet, and they need experts in all kinds of fields to either develop whole courses from scratch or teach existing ones. Since these are non-credit offerings, no real teaching certification is required. Candidates just have to demonstrate computer proficiency, excellent writing skills, and expertise in a certain field. Expertise is needed in many areas, from grant writing to photography, foreign languages, parenting and childcare, GED test preparation, and more.

These options are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to legitimate ways to work online and make money.  Although this current economy is changing the face of our workforce, it is allowing for new avenues of creativity and perhaps opportunity to discover new, and not to mention, more convenient passions.

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Should You File a Wrongful Death Law Suit?

wrongful death suit

Death is never easy, especially when you wonder if there is question that it may have been avoided. There are many times when it is unclear if the right choices were made, or even if a death could have been prevented. If you think someone is negligent, you may have the basis to file a wrongful death lawsuit.

Doctors are perhaps the people that have to face the bad end of a wrongful death lawsuit more often than anyone in any other profession. This is tough for doctors because they do all that they can.  However, they are human and can make mistakes. Some are simply unavoidable, and a judge will look at that when you file a wrongful death lawsuit against a doctor or other medical professional.

Lawsuits for wrongful death are subjective. If a doctor walks away from an operating table for coffee while a patient dies, you may have a good case. However, if the person has an unusual disease that could not be diagnosed in time, that may not be enough for you to file your wrongful death law suit and win.

Doctors are not the only ones that have to face lawsuits for wrongful death. Accidents can happen all of the time, and that means any company can be at risk. That applies to both how their employees work on the job, and also about the safety of the customers. If every safety precaution has been taken and something still happens, there may be no basis for a wrongful death lawsuit. However, if something was not right, things may go in your direction.

Probably the most important part of a wrongful death lawsuit is finding the right lawyer.  There are many local lawyers in Central Florida and attorneys in Orlando and surrounding areas that specialize in these types of cases.  Be sure to find the best local attorney in your area for your specific suit.

Research what you know, and then make an informed decision. Fighting a losing battle when you have already lost someone you love can make things even more painful and frustrating for you.

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Practical Steps to Get Out of Debt, Even in a Bad Economy

During better times, most of us racked up substantial amounts of debt which are coming back to haunt us now. The average American is sitting on about $9,000 in credit card debt alone! The dire statistics on home mortgage foreclosures speaks to the state of the current economy. While most of us never intended to get in debt over our heads, just about everyone is now focusing on how to make ends meet and then to get out of debt. A formidable challenge, indeed!


However, if you’re prepared to batten down the hatches and get serious, there are ways to get out of debt. Dealing with finances is not everyone’s favorite task, but when times get tough, you’ve got to accept that your former lifestyle needs a good dose of downsizing. This is not to say that getting out of debt needs to be an excruciatingly painful process of complete deprivation. As the old saying goes, “when you’ve got a lemon, make lemonade.”  In order to get out of debt, you need to re-prioritize your needs versus desires. Let’s take a look at how you can restructure your lifestyle and expectations and start getting rid of debt.


First, you’ll want to work up a spreadsheet that reflects your current expenditures. Save every receipt for every purchase and payment you make each month. If you’re behind on a payment, analyze those receipts and see where every dollar went. Go over that spreadsheet and be brutal in assessing each expense. I can guarantee that you’ll find plenty of items you paid for that were not necessities.


Magazines are a good example. This entertaining reading material has become an extravagance, some sporting prices of $10 for a single issue! If this is one of your indulgences, you really don’t need to give up the entertainment – read online. Most magazines have websites where you can get all the entertainment you want for free.


If you buy just one magazine per month, let that $10 go towards a credit card payment or the utility bill. If you subscribe to a satellite TV service, examine the bill. Do you really watch all 200 channels? Cutting back to a more modest package – and price – can easily save you $20 a month. How about your cell phone plan; can you trim some of that cost? Probably. When you are trying to get out of debt, every dollar counts. The $75 pair of shoes – do you really need them or is this a luxury you might do without? Just these three examples of those little incidentals add up to $105 a month.


The trick to taming your budget is to identify what constitutes a luxury. As you’re perusing your spreadsheet, remember that food, shelter, required insurance, and utilities must come first. Everything else is beyond survival. Have a family sit-down and brainstorm how you can cut expenses. This can almost become a sort of game, a reverse of  Who wants to be a Millionaire?”  This game is called “How much money can I not spend?”


Put that money you’ve cut from the budget to paying down a credit card instead. You’ll find you get far more satisfaction by whittling down that credit card debt than enjoying these few luxuries. You’ll actually feel happier as you see your debt creep down. Credit card debt is one of the most insidious types of debt instruments. The interest never quits and if you’re late on a payment, you’re fined a substantial penalty and suffer an increased APR as well. Each time you make more than the minimum payment, on time, you’re one step closer to getting out of debt.


Another quite effective technique you can use to get out of debt is to make use of credit counseling services. Get online and check out the services with a ‘.org’ suffix to the url. These organizations charge nominal fees and can assess your specific financial picture, negotiate lower interest rates, and put together a payment plan that helps you get out of debt in the least amount of time.


Doing the weekly food shopping can be a shocking and depressing experience. If you want to get out of debt, do yourself a favor by planning menus that coincide with the weekly sales. Use coupons and rain checks. Never shop when you’re hungry. If beef is on sale, stock up and spend a Saturday morning making several meatloaves, portioning out burger patties and frying up some taco-seasoned beef and meatballs. Freeze whatever you won’t use immediately and pencil these meals in to your meal calendar. Shop the grocery outlet stores for big savings on canned goods and other non-perishable staples. The truly diligent shopper can realize 40-50% savings on food costs. Now that’s a mouthful for your budget!


If you want to get out of debt, you’ve got to redefine for the times. Identify the expenses that are necessary and start slashing those which are not. Realize that every dollar you save is a dollar earned. Right down to paper towels – besides saving a tree, buying microfiber, re-washable cloths is an eco-friendly and budget friendly alternative. You have a handy wipe and help the environment too.


To get out of debt, be practical.  Correctly identify your necessities and put every excess dollar towards your debt. If you employ all of these strategies, you’re on your way to financial freedom.


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Mortgage Brokers in Central Florida

business talk3

Hunting for a home in Central Florida is not as simple as it used to be. Those with sticky or shaky credit could always go to a mortgage broker to see what they could find for them. Although the reins have tightened in regards to Florida’s Real Estate market so to speak, this doesn’t mean that those with a few glitches cannot find the financing they need. It does, however, mean that there are some in Florida who may have qualified just a year ago that might just be out of luck now. Don’t give up, though; you may find that you can get that loan after all.

When you go to a local mortgage broker in Central Florida, you are not going to your bank. They don’t personally give you a loan, but they will find one for you. Many will work to get you the best deal they can; however, there are times when there is nothing more that they can do. You can think of the mortgage broker as someone who works between barrowers and lending institutions. They take some of the work out of this on both sides of the coin. If you have no idea what you are doing or how to go about getting a loan, mortgage brokers can be increasingly helpful to you as the process wears on.

What you will find in a mortgage broker is someone who has a thorough knowledge of  the current Real Estate market, and will tell you right away what type of interest rate you can hope to get, or if you can get a loan at all. Though they want to place everyone with a loan, they know that some simply will not qualify. They can save you a lot of work and a lot of time if you find the right person, and they may even be able to suggest things that will make you more attractive as a borrower before they look around to find you what you need. That means savings via your interest rate!

There are numerous mortgage brokers in the Orlando area and throughout Central Florida. You may find more information about particular mortgage brokering firms you are considering by looking online.  Some Florida mortgage brokers specialize in bad credit, while others specialize in business mortgages.  Take your time and find the right local mortgage broker for you. Getting a loan should never be taken lightly, and you want the person working for your mortgage to feel the same way.

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J’adore My Pet – Central Florida Pet Store

J'adore art

J’adore My Pet is on online community and online pet store for animal lovers whose approach to pet ownership is an entire lifestyle.  Those at J’adore My Pet know that it’s not enough to just own a pet; you must provide him or her with a balanced diet, exercise, clothing and accessories.  Whether you’re uptown girls or sports enthusiasts, J’adore My Pet will provide you with everything you need for all your pets.

J’adore My Pet was created out of a childhood dream to work with, and for pets.  J’adore My Pet’s online community provides you with the most recent updates in pet news and new trends in pampering your pet.  Additionally, J’adore My Pet’s online store is loaded with the trendiest pet clothes, pet accessories, pet carriers, and any other knick-knacks and gadgets you many need for you pet.  Any style or size of leash, collar, or clothing item can be found through J’adore My Pet’s online store.  If the item you desire is not there, don’t worry!  They will custom-order any item that you need, ensuring that you always get exactly what you want.  J’adore My Pet also ships anywhere in the United States and offers express shipping as well!

Visit J’adore My Pet today!  Not only is shopping for your pet fun for you, but it shows your best friend just how much you care.  Our pets show us unconditional love everyday.  Pampering your pet is just one way we can say “I love you, too.”

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The Truth about Debt Consolidation Mortgage Loans

Debt consolidation

The economists and experts claim that the recession is turning around, but let’s face it, we, in Florida, still a long way to go. Unfortunately, many people in Central Florida have done all of the “weathering” they can, and are getting more and more desperate for help. Perhaps you do not want a bailout or handout. I totally understand. However, you may want to consider debt consolidation mortgage loans.

These debt consolidation mortgage loans are not a bailout or charity. Instead, they might be just what you need to survive the last of this recession economy, and help you get your personal finances back on track.

In Florida, debt consolidation mortgage loans are simple. Let’s say that right now you are having trouble making some ends meet. Perhaps there is a growing stack of credit card and medical bills piling up. Money is not coming in as much as it used to, but you believe that in a short while, things will turn around for you, if you can just get through the next year or less. If so, debt consolidation mortgage loans may be perfect for you.

Debt consolidation mortgage loans give you the ability to take out a loan from a third-party lender and pay off all of your credit card debt and other loans all at once! How? This third-party lender will float you a loan for the amount you own, and consolidate interest rates and principals so that you only have one monthly payment to make each month. Not only is this much easier to keep straight, but in some cases, you can be saving yourself some money in the long run with more attractive interest rates.

Debt consolidation mortgage loans work because many of them are secured loans. This means that you put down a certain amount of collateral to help insure this debt consolidator that you can make good on your loan. In most cases, this collateral comes from home equity, hence the name: debt consolidation mortgage loans. If you don’t have equity, you may get an unsecured loan, but with less favorable rates.

Debt consolidation mortgage loans are not for everyone. Consult a trusted lender in Central Florida or your mortgage broker in Orlando for advice on whether or not this is a good idea for you. They might also refer you to a great consolidation company. Who knows, they might even be able to consolidate your debt for you, getting you back in the black in no time at all!

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Should You Rent With The Option To Buy?

Your grandparents have probably never heard of getting something that you rent with the option to buy. Although this concept may be foreign to previous generations, in certain situations in today’s economy, it just makes good sense.  Renting to buy has become very common.  Not only can you do this for items such as computers and other electronics, you can do this with cars and even homes.
The question about if rent with the option to buy is a good idea depends on many things. If you only want use something for a short period of time, this is a great option. You can take it back when you want, but you may decide that you like it and you can continue with your contract. The main thing to decide is if the end price you pay is worth what you would be willing to pay. If you need something in a hurry, but are not entirely sure if you want to buy, renting is the best route to go.

There are times when you want to rent with the option to buy when you see something you want. This is sometimes a great deal on a home or even a car when you can not get a loan. In today’s unstable economy, this could be your best option to get the big ticket items that you want. As with any rent with the option to buy contract, however, but sure you understand each word. The terms should be fair, and if not, negotiate until you can live with the contract.

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Galloway’s Flooring Warehouse in Lakeland


At Galloway’s Flooring Warehouse you can find laminate flooring, hardwood flooring, tile, and a wide variety of carpet and area rugs, Galloway’s Flooring Warehouse in Lakeland is Central Florida’s choice for quality flooring and installation. 

Want to remodel your space but don’t know where to begin? Galloway Flooring Warehouse can help you start from the ground up. Galloway’s has 26 years of friendly hometown service and provides expert installation along with national buying power to provide you with the largest selection at the best prices in Central Florida.

Galloway’s offers a comprehensive line of carpet, ceramic and porcelain tile, laminate, and hardwood from the world’s leading manufactures such as Shaw, Mohawk, Stainmaster, Pergo, and more. Their 10,000 sq ft showroom consists of over 300 rolls of carpet and 600 area rugs in stock, as well as a large variety of Pergo and Formica laminate, Shaw and Mohawk ceramic tile, Domco Vinyl, and more. Whether for your home, office, or patio, Galloway’s will meet all your flooring needs. Galloway Flooring Warehouse is second to none in its supply and sale of area rugs offering thousands of choices in every color, shape, size and style. Many of their in-stock rugs are shipped same-day and all rugs are sold with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Galloway Flooring Warehouse
2145 E. Edgewood Drive
Lakeland, FL  33803
(863) 665-5900.

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