Philips Design LED 7-Watt Medium Base R20 Indoor Flood Is The Most Effective Of Its Form In The Market

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Philips is an internationally renowned product name that you can trust. You will be certain of quality and the products that carry the Philips label can definitely live up to their standards. In the arena of electrical devices and interior illumination, Philips is by far the powerhouse. They have launched a large array of halogens as well as CFLs through the decades and currently Philips is into a new and rising innovation of LED lighting. It is the most current in the area of lighting to strike the sector and the world is abuzz with talk regarding LED lighting.

The Philips Ambient LED 35W Replacement MR16 LED Light Bulb with GU10 Base light fixture is the most current non-dimmable lamp to reach the shelves in all biggest retail outlets. It is available online at for $29.95 at a low priced of $5.04 and they are sold as well as supplied by aGreenSupply. It is also found at Wal-Mart and Home Depot.

If you are planning to redecorate your home or office space with new lighting therefore look at the saving that you could get if you installed these new recessive form LED lamps. The only disadvantage is their expensive price. It is several times more expensive compared to a common incandescent light bulb. The upside is the stability and energy savings it bestows on the end user. It is greatly estimated by the creators of these light bulbs that you can save money just as much as $96 by using one single LED light fixture for its lifetime. These bulbs can last really long. Almost all is durable around 15 years and in that duration of time you save a good amount of money and time in replacements. A lot of people who have installed these lamps have never been regretful.

The Philips Ambient LED 35W Replacement MR16 LED Lamp with GU10 Base lamp utilizes just 3 watts of electrical energy and functions properly at a voltage of 110-120 volts. It gives off more or less 130 lumens of light, which is usually equivalent to the light emitted by a 40-watt incandescent bulb. The light is not a bluish white color, that was observed in the first few LED lamps, however with improvements in LED technology, the latest lamps generate a brilliant white light. The light does not harm the eyes and in fact it is a soft soothing light. It is advisable to not stare at the bulbs.

The innovative building designs have made it well suited for interior lighting to be the recessive kind and that is just ideal for LED illumination. Most modern structures possess recessive electrical sockets in the ceiling or have artificial ceiling with such type of sockets. The LED lamps fit perfectly into these sockets and no additional changes are needed in the electrical setup of the building. The light contains a broad angle and seems to reach every spot of the room. You can utilize it as a desk light and also as a reading light as well as in your kitchen.

The Philips Ambient LED 35W Replacement MR16 LED Bulb with GU10 Base bulbs are the lights of today and tomorrow and it would be useful to take a careful look at them.


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